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Raison d'Etre: An Evening of Pirandello

Last month, I was fortunate to create, alongside the amazing cast and creative team assembled by J Jewell Productions, a wonderful and new adaptation of three plays by renowned Italian dramatist, Luigi Pirandello. The play marks my first professional engagement onstage since graduating in the Spring, and I could not have wished for a more talented, thoughtful, and collaborative group of artists with which to explore and perform this piece.

Raison d'Etre: An Evening of Prandello (Equity showcase code) played from September 20th-29th, 2018 at Theatre 71 at Blessed Sacrament.

Creative Team: (Jennifer Jewell - Producer, Patrick Mulryan - Director, Allison Plamondon - Choreographer, Lindsey Michelle Gradwohl - Stage Manager, Maureen Freedman - Costume Design, Giovanni Villari - Lighting Design, Chris Tench and Brett R Stewart - Composers, Ryan Ginter - Wardrobe Supervisor, Emily Candelario - Scenic Consultant/Props Master, Cy Blankenship - Hair Stylist, Marlin Steen - Makeup Artist)

Cast: (Mickey Abbate, Rachel Lauren James, Giovanni Villari, Jennifer Jewell, Robert Charles Russell, R David Robinson, Ed Malone, Brian Linden, Nora Armani, Melissa Eddy Quilty, Lucie Allouche, David Klein, Alex Might, Carleigh Chirico)

*Color photographs by: Daniel Rader

*B/W photograph by: Michele I. Arazi


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